Skitour: Segneshütte - Sardonahütte SAC - Trinserhorn - Bargis

20.8 km
5:10 h
1648 mhd
2200 mhd

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Ski tour in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site with the option of an overnight stay in the winter room of the Sardona Hut SAC and long descent to Bargis. The Sardona Hut can only be visited under safe conditions. Because of the game resting areas in the Calfeisen valley and the hunting ban area Graue Hörner, the beautiful crossing to Weissenannen is not allowed.
Technique /6
Fitness 6/6
Highest Point  3022 m
Lowest Point  1534 m
Best Season
46.867556, 9.239717



From the Segnes hut (2108 m) to the north over the ridge up to Plaun Segnas Sura. All further gently ascending the wide valley up to Glatschiu dil Segnas and towards the Sardona Pass. The following descent is the least steep if you leave P. 2757 on the right and descend to about 2790 to the Sardona glacier. About in the middle of Sardona Glacier turn right (southeast) and descend either on the safe ridge or (looking for better snow) a little south of it in the valley to P. 2328. Head northeast to the hut. The steep slopes above the hut can be prone to avalanche.

From the Sardonapass you can also ski directly to E, on steep slopes to the Chäsboden and the Sardonahütte, provided that conditions are safe (30-35° to 600 Hm, ZS-). 

Details about the winter room: If not maintained, the winter room is open for self-catering. In winter the water is turned off. COVID-19: RESERVATION ALSO DURING UNATTENDED TIME OBLIGATORY!Info on the website of the hut/section 

The way back leads over the Sardona Glacier Route up to the Sardona Pass and along the ascent route to the Segenshütte or to the Trinserhorn in SÖ direction continuously ascending to the summit degree. After another 31 meters of altitude difference along the ridge, you reach the highest point of the ski tour at 3027 m.a.s.l.. For the descent through the western flank, perfect and safe conditions have to prevail. A great slope just over 40 degrees inclination promises a racy descent. From there you follow the ascent route to Segneshütte or take the rewarding descent to Bargis via Fuorcla Raschagluis. Alternatively, summit tours to the Piz Segnas and Piz Sardona are possible. 


Take a look at the UNESCO visitor pavilion next to the Segneshütte to learn more about the formation of the Alps and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Ski and snowshoe tour

A snowshoe and ski tour leads into unsecured terrain. The tours are partly not signposted or maintained. It is up to each tour participant to fully equip themselves and to inform themselves about the snow and avalanche conditions before the tour. Flims Laax Falera Management AG accepts no liability.The time given is a guideline in good conditions for reasonably experienced tourers. Times given for snowshoe tours can vary greatly depending on conditions, equipment and physical condition. Plan enough time and start early for the planned tour!This tour description and the marking in the terrain do not constitute a tour recommendation. Every decision to go on a tour is the sole responsibility of the individual tourer. We strongly advise you not to undertake a tour in bad weather and visibility conditions (fog, snowfall, etc.) or if there is an increased danger of avalanches. Attention spring conditions: From about March and generally on warm and/or very sunny days, tours must be completed early.Inform yourself before each tour about the current snow and avalanche situation

We recommend ski and snowshoe tours in alpine and high alpine, unsecured terrain, with a mountain guide.

It is up to each tour participant to fully equip themselves and to inform themselves about the snow and avalanche conditions before the tour. Flims Laax Falera Management AG accepts no liability.


The question about the right equipment for ski touring is not easy to answer! It depends on the season and weather conditions as well as the type and duration of the tour. Furthermore, the difficulty and sea level and other factors have to be considered! Basically: as little as possible, as much as necessary! 


touring ski

Tour binding

Skins for the skis

Sticks (at best telescopic sticks with large plates that prevent sinking into the deep snow)


Backpack with a capacity of 25 to 35 liters and attachment options for skis or snowboard 

Weatherproof winter clothing

Touring jacket (e.g. soft and/or hard shell)

Warm touring pants, which are wind and water resistant (e.g. soft or hard shell pants)

Functional ski underwear

Fleece Jacket

Ski socks

Thick and thin gloves

Browband and cap


Food & Drink Water

(at least two to three liters per person)

Thermos flask with warm drink

Several smaller meals (e.g. nuts, energy bars, chocolate, banana)



Sunscreen products with high sun protection factor

Detailed map material





Spare batteries

Cell phone

First aid kit 

Emergency equipment

Avalanche transceiver (LVS)




Segenshütte - unterer Segensboden - oberer Segnesboden - Sardonapss - Sardonahütte SAC - Trinserhorn - Fuorcla Raschaglius - Bargis


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