Tarasp - Lai Nair - Sparsels - Tarasp

6.4 km
1:30 h
296 mhd
296 mhd
Technique /6
Fitness 1/6
Highest Point  1578 m
Lowest Point  1404 m
Best Season
46.777318, 10.260542



From the Tarasp-Fontana Post-Bus stop we travel onwards in a southwesterly direction past the Hotel Tarasp and up to the left, slightly rising, into the airy larch wood. A comfortable path takes us, constantly ascending, to the top and the flat ground which is covered by high moorland. At the southern edge of this moor, we hike through a larch grove on level ground in the direction of Lai Nair.

This latter is a typical moorland lake, flat, dark and with silted banks. On the east side of the lake there is a little hill which provides many really beautiful picnic and resting places. Also wonderful here is the view up the Engadin and across to Piz Minschun and Piz Champatsch. We now walk past the lake up onto the path that goes to the north of the lake, and we follow the signpost pointing the way down to Tarasp and Vulpera. After a short time we come onto a side road. This leads from Tarasp to Avrona. In Avrona there is a well-known anthroposophical (Waldorf) boarding school and a pretty little restaurant – not long ago it closed, unfortunately. It is not yet known when it will reopen.

We follow the side road in the direction of Tarasp as far as the edge of the wood. The shortest and most comfortable version of this hike brings us further along this road to Tarasp. After a short time, we turn off to the right, however, and go across to the hamlet of Sparsels. Here we will find typical handsome Engadin houses, and here also guided tours to Tarasp Castle begin. This mighty castle looms over the houses of Sparsels.

A steeper and longer version of the route brings us from the signpost at the edge of the wood down to Vulpera. From here we can take the Post-Bus to the train station at Scuol, or else we can hike on further to Scuol.


Tarasp - Lai Nair - Sparsels - Tarasp


Public Transport

Getting there and back: By rail to and from Scuol. From there by Post-Bus to and from Tarasp.

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