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Der fjordartige See und die imposanten Churfirsten
Das ehemalige Garnisonstädtchen Walenstadt mit Kirche

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Der charakterischtische Dorfbrunnen von Walenstadt
The fjord-like lake Walen and the proud Churfirsten mountains characterise the landscape of this tour. A boat trip connects the two stages of this route.
Technique 2/6
Fitness 6/6
Highest Point  843 m
Lowest Point  419 m
Best Season
Walenstadt, railway station
Weesen, Post
47.119848, 9.312758



The fjord-like Walensee and the steeply-rising Churfirsten form the centre point of this hike. Halfway along the route, you will be enticed by the car-free wine village of Quinten with its Mediterranean climate. A boat trip joins the two sections of this route.

of Walenstadt. Passing through the linden tree forest, you reach the Alp Garadur. Above you, the geologically interesting Churfirsten will grab your attention. As a result of a thrust fault, older layers of stone are located above newer ones here. After the descent through the woods, the path follows the edge of the lake to Quinten.

Quinten is also referred to as the Riviera of Eastern Switzerland. The area has an unusually mild climate due to its southern location and the fact that it is protected by almost-vertical mountains. It is not only grapes that grow here, but also figs, kiwifruits and other tropical fruits. You can enjoy an impressive view of the lake and mountains on a boat trip to Murg.

From Murg the path leads steadily upwards to Filzbach. Until 1851, it was only possible to get to Filzbach via a mule track, which parts of this route also follow. After this, the road over the Kerenzerberg was the only connection to Walenstadt, until the Walenseetrasse was opened in 1964. The end of the hike is reached in Weesen. A trip into the village with southern flair is worth the effort.

Regular shipping traffic Quinten - Murg (throughout the whole year).

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The scheduled ships sail between Quinten and Murg all year round. With an overnight stay in Murg, the stages can be spread over two days.


The section between Garadur and Josenhab can be slippery in places after rainfall.


Normal hiking equipment. Depending on the weather, good footwear (hiking boots) is recommended, otherwise light trekking shoes are sufficient for the tour.


Walenstadt - Garadur - Au - Quinten - Murg - Erggeli - Geissegg - Walenguflen - Obstalden - Rütegg - Filzbach - Lihn - Weesen


Public Transport

The starting point in Walenstadt is well served by train and bus. The same applies to the end point, which is connected by bus to the Ziegelbrücke traffic junction.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Flums, continue on the main road to Walenstadt station


Paid public parking is available at the starting point at Walenstadt station (P+R)

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