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ARMONIA - Percorso sensoriale & yoga

Armonia - Percorso sensoriale e yoga
ARMONIA - Percorso sensoriale & Yoga

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ARMONIA - Percorso sensoriale & Yoga
The ARMONIA trail is a 100% natural experience that stimulates all five senses. The path consists of nine stations with yoga exercises and sensory experiences. The activities are in tune with nature and at the same time help to respect it.

ARMONIA - Percorso sensoriale & yoga

Garbella, 7743 Brusio


The sensory journey is an ideal experience to share in the intimacy of the family. It is the ideal proposal to teach children to know, love and respect mother nature.

The ARMONIA path of 0.6 km in the dream forest of the hamlet of Garbella, aims to reconnect people to nature and awaken their vital energies. Barefoot you walk on soft ground. Scents, shapes, colors, sensations and sounds stimulate perception and direct attention away from everyday life. Needles, small stones tickle the soles of the feet; the pine cones massage them. The ground creaks under each step. The air is clear and humid. It smells of moss, leaves and Stone pine. You breathe consciously, feel nature and your inner strength. Along the way there are various boards depicting different yoga exercises. They are meant to inspire you to try the art of Far Eastern movement along the way. In this way, the excursion becomes an even more intense exchange between man and nature and at the same time brings you closer to yourself.




Public Transport

By public transport: Take the PostBus from Brusio towards "Selvaplana" and get off at the "Garbella" stop. Follow the signage until you reach the sensory and yoga path.


By car : Follow the main road until the exit for Viano and continue to the locality "Garbella". At the sign "Garbella" turn left, where the parking lot is located.

Follow the signs until you reach the sensory path and yoga.


Parking directly on site.


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