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The ruins of the tower stand on a small hill not far from the Julier Pass road between Marmorera and Mulegns. The interior of the tower is accessible through a small gap.


The ruins of the high medieval castle Spliatsch are located in the municipality of Sur.

A well-preserved tower with three storeys and a square floor plan of 8 by 8 metres has been preserved. The well-preserved upper end of the wall could indicate a vanished fourth floor made of wood. The masonry consists of stones of unequal size, which are reasonably layered in storage. In the lower part there are traces of a Rasa Pietra exterior plaster. On the third floor there was a window with two seats as well as an abortion bay and a smoke vent for the stove.

The high entrance was on the second floor on the west side. The walls are well preserved. Remains of the beams show the location of the staircase and the balustrade in front of the entrance. Above the door there are remains of a sloping canopy.

On the inside there are remains of a smooth plaster in two inhabited upper floors. Remains of beams indicate the location of the storeys. On the ground floor, remains of a fireplace with sloping smoke extraction are preserved.

Southeast of the tower on a terrace was a supply yard built of dry stone walls and wood; a rectangular floor plan of a small house is still clearly recognizable. The courtyard was enclosed by a ring wall, which can still be seen to some extent in the south.

Written documents about the origin of the plant are missing, and there was never a family of Spliatsch. The tower was probably built at the beginning of the 13th century by the Lords of Marmels.


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