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Lag da Pigniu / Panixersee

Lag da Pigniu / Panixersee
Lag da Pigniu / Panixersee

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Lag da Pigniu, Panixersee

The lake is located two kilometers from the village of Pigniu. It is about 1.5 kilometers long and about 250 meters wide. It is fed by some nameless mountain streams. An easy-to-walk hiking or walking trail leads around the lake. It takes about an hour to circumnavigate the area. On the west side, several large waterfalls plunge into the valley in the rear part.


The 270-meter-long dam was built between 1980 and 1990.

The complex consists of the dam wall with two water catchments on the eastern slope of the valley, the pressure tunnel to the moated castle, another water catchment at the moated castle, the pressure tunnel and the headquarters in Ilanz.

The dam is owned and operated by Kraftwerke Ilanz AG

In May 1999, the artist Martin Valär painted the dam wall with a huge picture. In 25 working days, a 195-meter-wide and 30-meter-high painting with twelve-meter-high soldiers was created. The topic is the crossing of the Panixer Pass by the Russian army under General Suvorov in the Second Colation War on 6 and 7 October 1799 on the retreat from the Glarus region to Graubünden. 2000 soldiers were killed. Suvorov is depicted as a wavering blue tower, a symbol of how the general and his army had been pushed back and forth by the rulers of the time as if on a chessboard. The fallen soldiers are depicted as pawns of a chess game. The dispersion paint used should withstand the weather conditions for 20 to 30 years.


Lag da Pigniu / Panixersee

7156 Pigniu

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