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Obere Au Kneipp water-treading basin

Kneipp-Anlage Obere Au
Kneipp-Anlage Obere Au

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Kneipp-Anlage Obere Au
Wellness for your feet - the new Kneipp facility at the Mühlbach stream at Obere Au, Chur.


Take a barefooted walk first on the grainy gravel of the footpath, then on the warm, rough wood of the footbridge and finally feeling the cool, refreshing water of the Mühlbach stream under your feet - the new, small Kneipp facility invigorates mind and body! It can be found on the walkway along the Obertor Mühlbach stream between the skate park and the boccia facility on the Obere Au in Chur.

Tips for use

  • The prerequisite for cold water application is a warm body. Never tread water with cold feet. Warm up beforehand with running or gymnastics.
  • When treading water, lift the feet out of the water with each step ("stork walk"). Only stay in the water until the legs feel a strong cold stimulus (max. 1 minute). Then wipe off the water and warm up again.

Kneipp hydrotherapy

Water as a carrier of thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli causes the organism to react in a way that promotes health. Our unconscious basic functions such as breathing, circulation, heat balance, digestion, metabolism and so on are regulated by hydrotherapeutic stimuli, and the all-important immune system is activated.


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Obere Au Kneipp water-treading basin

Grossbruggerweg 11, 7000 Chur

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