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Parpaner Rothorn

Parpaner Rothorn
Parpaner Rothorn im Winter

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Parpaner Rothorn
How did the Parpan Rothorn get its name?


Weisshorn, Dent Blanche, Pizzo Bianco, Sassalbo: many Swiss mountain names shine brightly like snow - in all four national languages. In contrast, the Swiss-German Schwarzhorn and its Rhaeto-Romanic sibling, the Piz Nair, appear dark.

And how did the Parpaner Rothorn get its name? Because of the reddish glow in the morning and evening twilight? One thing is certain: the mountain contains various ores, some of which have a reddish shimmer. These were already mined in the region in Roman times.

After the last, unsuccessful mining attempts, mining on the Rothorn ended around 1802. A good 150 years later, however, the mountain was opened up in a new way: by means of a gondola lift. Since then, you can be carried effortlessly up to 2860 metres above sea level. Once you have reached the top, you have a fantastic panorama: in good weather, more than 1000 mountain peaks are visible from the Parpaner Rothorn.


Return journey Lenzerheide - Rothorn for CHF 42.00 in summer 2022.


Public Transport

By post bus from Chur to Lenzerheide, you have to get off at the Rothorn valley station, from where the mountain railway takes you up to the summit.


The Rothorn valley station is located directly on the main road between Valbella and Lenzerheide.


You can park directly at the car park at the Rothorn valley station.


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