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The 10 Most Beautiful Photo Spots

Lagh da Saoseo
Reflective mountain lakes, views of mountain peaks, idyllic Alpine meadows with grazing cows, insights into quiet villages and alleys – Graubünden offers countless opportunities to take great pictures. I’ll show you my favourite photo spots and invite you to get to know my home through the camera lens.

By Mattias Nutt

1. Palpuogna Lake

This lake is, for me, one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland. Embedded in the mountains of the Albula Valley, it lies directly next to the mountain pass road. Visit it in autumn early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the water and surroundings are calm. Old tree trunks in the water make valued elements for an interesting photo. On the weekend, the few parking spaces fill quickly, so I recommend the journey by train and taking the short hike from Preda.

My tip: After visiting the lake, go on a hike on the railway adventure path from Preda to Bergün and stop in the Art Nouveau hotel Kurhaus Bergün.

Lai da Palpuogna (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

2. Guarda

Old authentic farm houses, beautiful Sgraffiti (local technique of wall decor) and narrow alleys – there are many reasons to add Guarda to your bucket list. On a walk through the streets of one of the most beautiful villages in the Lower Engadine, you will find numerous photo spots.

My tip: Enjoy a piece of Graubünden nut pie in the Hotel Meisser while enjoying the wide view.

Guarda (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

3. Val Lumnezia

As a photographer it is usually worthwhile to venture off the main roads to discover hidden places and alleys. This also applies to Morissen in Val Lumnezia. After a short walk, you’ll reach a small bench above the village. Those, who arrive early enough, can experience the first rays of sunshine in the «Valley of Light».

By the way: The nearby village Vrin, the starting point for the Greina crossing at the end of the valley, offers insights into the rural culture.

Val Lumnezia (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

4. Landwasser Viaduct

The more than 100-year-old construction of the Rhaetian Railway can be photographed from two viewpoints. The South viewing platform is a 20 minutes walk from the train station. You can reach the North viewing platform on a short steep path coming from the parking lot at Landwasser Viaduct or the hiking trail from Filisur. The latter offers a direct view of the tracks – the best condition for spectacular photo compositions.

Landwasser Viaduct (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

5. Saoseo Lake

A classic photo spot for autumn: The idyllic mountain lake surrounded by trees is located in the Val da Camp above the Alpe Campo. At this time of year, it offers captivating scenery with beauty and tranquility in the early morning or late evening. If you wait for the sunset by the water, you’ll be rewarded with a unique light spectacle.

Lagh da Saoseo

6. Greina

You have to earn pictures of the plateau Greina. Simply because, you only reach the landscape after several hours hike. When you cross the Diesrut Pass, the plateau reveals itself to you for the first time. The meandering rivers form a variety of patterns in the tundra-like landscape. If you look closely, you will even spot a heart.

My tip: If you want to experience the magic of this landscape at sunset, you can stay the night in the Terri hut. The next day you continue hiking in the direction of Sumvitg or via the Greina Pass to Ticino.

Greina (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

7. Rhaetian Railway

A special, moving, photo spot is the Rhaetian Railway. Their varied routes offer exciting photo opportunities. The curves, the play of light between the sun and clouds and the reflections in the panes offer spectacular potential. A tip: Most windows at the wagon entrance can be opened. This allows you to cautiously lean out to capture pictures of the train, the scenery and the driving experience.

By the way: The Alvra trains from the Rhaetian Railway have a special photo compartment, where the extra-large windows can be opened, and beautiful photos can be taken.

Die Rhätische Bahn (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

8. Muottas Muragl

Views – that is the motto of this light high altitude hike. The funicular takes you conveniently up to the Muottas Muragl. During the walk to the Alp Languard, you are able to enjoy the wide views of Pontresina and the Upper Engadin. To capture the view, a wide-angle lens can be used as well as a zoom. Before you take the chairlift or walk back to the valley, you should enjoy a huge slice of cream cake (Cremeschnitte) on Alp Languard.

Muottas Muragl (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

9. Cresta Lake

The Cresta Lake is especially beautiful in the early morning, later in the evening and during the colourful autumn. The narrow path around the water invites you to discover new perspectives and capture different combinations of the nature, water and mountains in one photo. Of course, playing around with the reflections is also thrilling. During summer, visitors are able to take a swim in the Cresta Lake. It can be reached by a short walk.

By the way: There is a spectacular viewpoint nearby: from Il Spir by Conn you can enjoy deep insights into the Rhine Gorge, the Swiss Grand Canyon.

Cresta Lake (Picture: Mattias Nutt)

10. Swiss National Park

In autumn, during the deer’s rutting season, the larches turn yellow and the Swiss National Park displays itself from its most colourful side. If you are travelling during off-peak hours in the morning and in the evening, you may be lucky enough to see a roaring stag in the Val Trupchun. Often, the deer and sometimes the ibex bask in the valley high up on the slopes. It is a good idea to take a spotting scope through which you can take pictures.

My tip: There is a lot of deadwood throughout the National Park. The old, dead trees, combined with the landscape make for exciting shots.

Swiss National Park (Picture: Nicolas Glauser /
Mattias Nutt


Mattias Nutt

Mattias Nutt is a local, living in Chur. He travels often through Graubünden with his camera either in his vintage car, on foot, by train or post bus.