Historical Site Surselva

Pigniu Dam

Staudamm Pigniu
A dam wall that makes you think! A must for art and nature lovers!


In 1989 a 50 m high dam with a crest length of 250 m was built in the small mountain municipality Pigniu/Panix. This huge concrete canvas was turned into a painting by the Engadin artist Martin Valär and presents itself to the hiker from an entirely different perspective. See for yourself and learn more about the colourful dam wall in the small mountain municipality Pigniu. Besides that there is a beautiful place to barbecue and linger on the shore of the lake. 


Public Transport

Take bus 424 direction Andiast, posta and get off at Andiast Post. The exact connections can be found on the SBB website.


From Ilanz or Disentis turn off Route 19 into the street "Sutvitg" towards Waltensburg. Then follow the main road to the old sawmill (vis à vis Casa Reviva) in the back of the village.


At the old sawmill there is a parking lot.


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