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Tusis, Katz und Mazein

Tusis, Katz und Mazein
Not far from here stands the boundary stone between Thusis, Cazis and Masein – three places with a long common history.


Because in 1473 the "nachpurschaften der dryen dörffer zuo Tusis, Katz und Mazein" joined forces to form a port cooperative: Together they wanted to make the way between Thusis and Zillis, "if you nempt Fyamala", so far right that it could be passed again reasonably safely.

For this they secured the lucrative transport monopoly for the route: As one of six ports of the Lower Road, the approximately 30 men and women from the three municipalities were henceforth the only ones allowed to bring goods through the Viamala.

But when the road through the Viamala became passable for large carts in the course of the construction of the Commercialstrasse from 1818 to 1823, the Porten hit the last hour. In the future, the trading houses in the metropolises pocketed the profits, for the population along the route only the change to other professions remained – or emigration.


Tusis, Katz und Mazein

beim Grenzstein, 7430 Thusis

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