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Veia digl Pader 04: Crousch alva sen fons cotschen

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Crousch alva sen fons cotschen
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Crousch alva sen fons cotschen

Cun catter bratschs, te catter pievels

ambratschas, Crousch, an pasch e privels.

E ls èn signias cugl ties signal,

Crouschaders veirs d'en ideal.

Or d'fons flammont, scu en barnia,

cugl sanc digls noss eroxs cotschnia,

prueschas, alva Crousch d'amour:

Or d'Contschnas-Rosas, alva flour.

Gl'è stitg e stgeir! Orcans smanatschan,

bandieras sainza crousch sgulatschan!

Discordia sparta frar da frar.

Vot cain puspe sies pal smanar.

Tras neivlas rompa, Crousch da glorgia,

Sclarescha nous tar la victorgia.

Noss colms on dets d'angiramaint

a Tè, simbol digl spindramaint.

Fr. Alexander Lozza

The white cross in the red field 

Four-armed, cross, you keep enclosed

of the tribes four, as confederates!

To your call in joy and sorrow

ready for any service on the cross.

From the flaming red field of gluten,

that heroes consecrated in bleeding to death,

the Swiss cross rises brightly and stands

as edelweiss in a bed of roses.

When storm and death conspire,

Banners without a cross are lost,

And discord separates us on and on.

The club curse begets fratricide.

Break through the mists, cross of flags,

Shine us ahead on the paths of victory.

And reason and ridge vowed in the oath:

we remain free in God's footsteps!

 G. Thürer (Translation)

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Crousch alva sen fons cotschen


Veia digl Pader 04: Crousch alva sen fons cotschen

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