Short Trip to the Autumnal Valposchiavo

If you want to experience autumn in Graubünden, you are spoilt for choice. Do you want to go high into the mountains around the Bernina massif, to see the deer in the Swiss National Park? We decided on the Italian-inspired variant and visited the Valposchiavo.

By Christiane Setz-Müller & Moritz Müller

Val di Campo with Lagh da Saoseo

Late in the evening we arrive in Sfazù in Graubünden and spend the night in the small inn Ristoro Alpe Campo, several kilometres off the main road. We admire the magnificent starry sky and look forward to the next day in the Val di Campo.

Rifugio Alpe Campo

We get up before sunrise and set off for Lagh da Saoseo. The small lake is only ten minutes away. The stars are still reflected in the lake as we enjoy the peace and quiet. Slowly it gets light and we can see how incredibly clear the water is. When it is finally very bright, we go back and have breakfast.

Lagh di Saoseo

Daniela Luminati is our hostess and she places great importance on regionality - and you can taste it! Her own honey and homemade yoghurt are highly recommended.

After breakfast we set off to explore the area. We head to the Lagh da Val Viola - the trail is beautiful with many roots, through light woods and every now and then we can catch a glimpse of the high surrounding mountains. We go round the lake once and then descend again to see the Lagh da Saoseo in the sunshine. The view is really indescribably beautiful - rightly this lake is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. The water shimmers green and turquoise. We take an extensive break and enjoy the silence at the lake. We continue on dirt roads down to Sfazù. This small circular hike takes about three to four hours and is also suitable for families with children.

Lagh di Saoseo
Lagh di Saoseo

On the way to Alpe de San Romerio

The next night we want to spend at the Alpe de San Romerio. We drive past Lago di Poschiavo to Miralago and park our car there. Steep serpentines lead up to the 2480 m high alpine pasture. The ascent took us about three hours.

We arrived just in time before the sun disappears behind the mountains. The church San Romerio is over 800 years old and the location is simply spectacular! There is a steep 800-meter descent just behind the church. Wow! After the delicious dinner (there is Saltimbocca) we spend some time outside before we finally go to sleep.

On smuggler's trails to Tirano

We leave early the next morning and hike via Viano to Italy. The paths are covered with colourful leaves and prickly chestnuts; again, and again we pass old house ruins. Our descent to Tirano covers more than 1000 meters of altitude difference. There we visit the famous Basilica Santuario della Beata Vergine di Tirano. The church is really worth a visit. Afterwards we first go for an original Italian pizza - a must if you are in Italy. Delicious!

Basilica Santuario della Beata Vergine di Tirano

In the afternoon we return to Miralago by train and from there to Poschiavo, where we spend our last night at the Biobistro Semadeni. We eat regional specialities and it tastes delicious! Too bad that our short trip is already coming to an end.

The next morning, we have another village tour in Poschiavo with Claudia - she shows us beautiful corners of Poschiavo, further enhancing our understanding of why this region is so popular.

The Val di Campo and the Valposchiavo are regions in Graubünden that are really worth visiting. Especially in autumn, when the snow situation at higher altitudes is uncertain, Poschiavo and its surroundings are just the right places to take a short autumn trip!

Christiane Setz-Müller & Moritz Müller


Christiane Setz-Müller & Moritz Müller

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