Heidiland Hiking Tour 4: Kleinberg - Weisstannen

14.5 km
5:00 h
401 mhd
905 mhd
Baden im Chapfensee

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Auf Erkundung in Weisstannen
Heidiland Hiking Tour 4: Kleinberg - Weisstannen
Technique 3/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  1489 m
Lowest Point  907 m
Best Season
Flumser Kleinberg, Berghotel Schönhalden
Silver firs
47.062795, 9.330848



From the Berghotel Schönhalden on the Flumser Kleinberg, the trail first leads to the neighbouring Alp Wildenberg, where the descent to Cafröa begins. From here you are on the Walsa path, which you follow for a longer stretch today. The path here always leads as a high-altitude trail towards Chapfensee/Weisstannen, with fantastic views of the Seeztal and the Alvier chain enthroned above it. At Plon, after a few metres on the road, the hiking trail leads to the right into the forest and continues to a bridge that leads over the Cholschlager stream. From this bridge you can discover glacial mills in the stream. Shortly afterwards you reach the romantic Chapfensee (with kiosk and fireplaces), which is located in the middle of a unique nature reserve with a remarkable flora. The trail follows the northern shore of the lake, where the dam wall is also crossed. At the other end of the lake, always following the Walsa path, you branch off from the lakeshore in the direction of Vermol. The path now leads comfortably through the forest to the hamlet of Vermol, which belongs to the municipality of Mels and where the Alpenrösli restaurant can be found. Along the village street, you now descend, past the Vermol chapel, which is also suitable as a resting place. At the lower end of Vermol, the path branches off sharply to the right in the direction of Schwendi/Weisstannen. After a while, you leave the Walsa path, which branches off to the left. The route continues through the forest and past small waterfalls deeper and deeper into the Weisstannental. At Schwendi you reach the valley floor, where there is a village shop and the Bachhüsli, which offers local baked goods and specialties. Soon the path climbs again to the right and you hike elevated on the right side of the valley along the Via Alpina to the village of Weisstannen.

The Hotel Gemse, located at the entrance to the village of Weisstannen, is the overnight stop during the Heidiland hiking tour. It is very popular with hikers and offers peace and relaxation.

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Schönhalden - Wildenberg - Cafröa - Plon - Chapfensee - Vermol - Schwendi - Weisstannen

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