Pizzo Cassinello 3103 m

11.3 km
5:45 h
1101 mhd
120 mhd
Pizzo Cassinello mit Aufstieg zum Soredapass
Aufstieg zum Pizzo Cassinello

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Pizzo Cassinello mit Soredapass im Vordergrund
Vals 3000 plus: The Pizzo Cassinello is the most alpine among the marked three thousand metre peaks in the Vals Valley. As its name already gives away, it is part of the border ridge with Ticino and the neighbouring Blenio Valley. With its small ice field it boldly towers above the flat valley of the Länta and its silvery gneiss contrasts with the green tapestry and pastures of the Lampertschalp
Technique /6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  3103 m
Lowest Point  1865 m
Best Season
Zervreila Chapel
Pizzo Cassinello
46.571187, 9.1122



Thanks to its proximity to the Länta Hütte SAC and the Soreda Pass, the Pizzo Cassinello is one of the most climbed mountains in the Vals Valley. Quite rightly so as the surrounding world of glaciers and the views over the Ticino mountains into Valais and to the Bernese and Glarus Alps is spectacular.

The ascent from the Soreda Pass to the summit leads over impress gneiss slabs and light boulders. There can still be snow that covers the markings well into the summer. In good visibility the mountain does not provide you with any orientation problems though and the small lakes at the edge of the trail invite particularly brave alpine hikers to take a refreshing swim on their descent.


From Passo Soreda you can also walk as an option to Ticino.  With an overnight in Länta hut Sac the tour is shorter. Info Länta hut SAC: phone 081 935 17 13 or www.laentahuette.ch


Route marked white-blue-white as well as white-red-white. Requirements: A technically easy tour (T4) for good alpine hikers, however when wet, cold, or in case of snow or fog, caution is advised.

Mother cows defend their calves. Keep a large distance and be aware of how the mother cow is behaving.

Keep the dog on a leash and let it go in case of emergency or attack. link behavior http://www.wandern.ch/de/wandern/sicher-unterwegs/mutterkuhherden


Solid, rainproof, warm clothing. Solid mountain or trekking boots. Gloves, hat, sun protection. Walking poles, food and drink in a rucksack, first aid kit, topographical map, altimeter, compass, mobile phone, torch.


In 35 minutes from the Länta Hut SAC or in 2 hours and 30 minutes from Zervreila you reach where the trail branches off to the Soreda Pass south of the Lampertschalp. From there a moderately steep marked mountain trail takes 2 hours up to the Soreda Pass (2,759 m). From the pass there is just a gentle climb southwards over the wide rocky ridge towards the summit. At 2,950 metres simple scrambling over some moderately high rock steps is required to put you on the homestretch. Cross this in a southeasterly direction perpendicular to the northeast ridge and you will reach the 3,103 m high summit in a few minutes (1 hour 15 minutes from Soreda Pass). Descent on the same route.

Time for ascent:3 hours 45 minutes from the Länta Hut SAC, 5 hours 45 minutes from Zervreila

Time for descent:2 hours 30 minutes from the Länta Hut SAC, 3 hours 45 minutes to Zervreila

Total time walking::6 hours 15 minutes (Länta Hut SAC), 9 hours 30 minutes (Zervreila)

One option is also to descend into Ticino from the Soreda Pass.

The relatively long tour from Vals can be completed really comfortably with an overnight stay at the Länta Hut SAC. Info available on phone number +41 (0)81 935 17 13 or at www.laenta-huette.ch


Public Transport

By PostBus from Vals to Zervreila (summer only).

Anreise Information

Via Chur-Ilanz-Vals to Zerfreila.


Parking at the chapel Zervreila

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