Poschiavo - San Romerio - Viano

16.1 km
5:40 h
940 mhd
673 mhd
San Romerio
San Romerio

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Piazza Poschiavo
One of the most picturesque places of Valposchiavo is the Alp San Romerio with its Romanesque church. It can be reached on a hike through mountain forests and over Maiensässe.
Technique 0/6
Fitness 0/6
Highest Point  1849 m
Lowest Point  1008 m
Best Season
46.324764, 10.054638



At high altitudes, the air in Valposchiavo is often of dazzling clarity on sunny days. It is the light of the south that makes the landscape glow.  A wonderful setting to experience this serene brightness is Alp San Romerio. It is located on a cliff-like promontory high above Lago di Poschiavo. Wooden benches directly on the abyss invite you to take a break with a view; in the neighbouring Ristoro you can fortify yourself with food and drinks.

This enchanting place can be reached on a longer hike. The ascent is initially easy, then visibly steep and leads mostly through spruce and larch forests. At the end of the mountain forest, the view suddenly opens up to the lower Valposchiavo and the neighbouring Valtellina. You can enjoy a lot of views during the mostly gentle descent to the mountain village of Viano, which was an important scene for the smuggling of sugar, coffee and tobacco into Italy until the 1970s.


The host at Ristoro San Romerio sells his own cheese and serves home-grown vegetables and salads.


The route is signposted as a mountain hiking trail (white-red-white, difficulty level T2). The starting point is the valley capital Poschiavo. On roads and gravel paths it goes first to Saltaplana, then on narrow forest paths in the Val da Terman up to the panoramic cliff of San Romerio. The descent via Piaz and Predasc runs mostly on gravel roads, in between also on footpaths. From viano there is an on-call bus to Brusio (reservation required in advance).

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