Stage 2, Hüttentour Mittelbünden; Sapün – St. Antönien

43.5 km
5:55 h
915 mhd
1775 mhd
Etappe 2, Hüttentour Mittelbünden; Sapün – St. Antönien
Etappe 2, Hüttentour Mittelbünden; Sapün – St. Antönien

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Etappe 2, Hüttentour Mittelbünden; Sapün – St. Antönien
Mittelbünden (Central Grisons) is considered the unknown beauty of the Grisons. Many know the Schanfigg and the Prättigau Valley from passing through, but here lie some of the mountainbike gems of Graubünden. On the three-day Hüttentour through the alpine mountain world of Central Grisons, two of the most extraordinary mountain huts are approached.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  2125 m
Lowest Point  799 m
Best Season
St. Antönien
46.815395, 9.767886



The second day begins with a wonderful breakfast at the Berggasthaus Heimeli and the subsequent descent to Langwies. The route leads partly over the gravel road, a little below the mountain inn but also over a good stretch on wonderfully fluid singletrails. The village of Langwies at the end of the descent is the starting point of the long ascent to the Fondei valley. A narrow asphalt road leads to the Walser village of Strassberg, 550 meters higher up. However, the culmination point has not yet been reached. Instead, there are another 200 meters of altitude to overcome, initially only slightly ascending on a gravel road. After the settlement Sattel, the road becomes a singletrail and the bike must be pushed again and again on this last stretch unless you have strength in your calves like Nino Schurter – or then just an e-bike. But the pushing is not in vain. The Duranna Pass with the Grüensee lake is an idyllic spot, a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water is almost obvious.

From the Duranna Pass we start the exceptionally long descent to Küblis. To do this, you first cross the plateau and then head for the downhill trail at Alp Obersäss. This is rough and demanding in the first section and can be bypassed via the gravel road. A little further down, the next section of the descent begins: a smooth trail winds through the forest, a little damp in places, but increasingly fluid as the distance increases. In this manner, the descent leads a total of during 1300 meters of altitude directly to Küblis.

To get to the destination of St. Antönien, you ideally hang the bike on the rear rack of the post bus and save yourself the 600-meter ascent. This is well invested, because there is still a last stretch of ascent to the Berghaus Sulzfluh. The post bus takes you to the terminus station Garstett and from there you follow the asphalted road up to Partnun. In this way, you have to climb another 130 meters in altitude, but you deserve the aperitif on the terrace of the Berghaus Sulzfluh!



Sapün - Langwies - Fondei - Strassberg - Duranna Pass - St. Antönien

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