The Unexpected: In the footsteps of Wolfgang Hildesheimer through Poschiavo

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Wolfgang Hildesheimer am Eingang zum Garten der Casa Gay
Devon House in Via dei Palazzi

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Via dei Palazzi, Poschiavo
In the "Unexpected", the German writer and artist Wolfgang Hildesheimer (1916-1991), who had found his adopted home in Poschiavo, saw the real characteristic of Valposchiavo. On this tour we walk in the footsteps of Wolfgang Hildesheimere through Poschiavo and discover the place through the eyes of this important intellectual of the 20th century. 
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Start Touristinfo am Bahnhof Poschiavo
Destination Ristorante La Motrice, Poschiavo
Coordinates 46.324827, 10.054609


"The unexpected! In Pushlav you can see it, not only in nature, but also in the villages, especially in Poschiavo, the central place whose peculiarities mock any preparation. You get used to the Leaning Tower of Pisa immediately, it is a monument, you are prepared for it. But the experience of the unexpected, the strange, the unique, even the eccentric, especially when it is animated by humans and animated by life, never becomes routine. Every new sight is a re-envision of the first experience."

With these words Wolfgang Hildesheimer expresses himself in his text "Experience of the Unexpected" (Merian 14/8 1961). In the autumn of 1956, Hildesheimer, who suffers from the "appalling Bavarian climate", discovered Poschiavo for himself: »Poschiavo! It has the right height, the right climate, the right lieutenant." After initial difficulties, since the Federal Foreign Police refused the request for a stay, Wolfgang Hildesheimer and his wife Silvia were able to settle in Poschiavo in 1957 as a figure of "spiritual life" after an intercession by the writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt:

"Here it is wonderful, wonderful weather, wonderful air, apartment furnished except for hall and guest rooms, ... Veltliner wine flows in abundance, melons, Bel Paese, and of course I haven't come to work yet because Of all the setup. This in keywords our state."

So Hildesheimer in a letter to Toni and Hans Werner Richter in August 1957.

1982 Wolfgang Hildesheimer and his wife were granted honorary citizenship of the municipality of Poschiavo. He died in Poschiavo on 21 August 1991. his wife Silvia, painter, in November 2014

Wolfgang Hildesheimer lived in Poschiavo for more than 30 years:

"We've been living there for a long time and are at home. We have never lived in one place as long as in Poschiavo."

quote in Manfred Durzak, conversations about the novel. Form determination and analysis, Frankfurt am Main 1976, p. 295.


Im Augustinerinnenkloster am Kirchplatz hinter der Kirche San Vittore Mauro sind 22 Collagen von Wolfgang Hildesheimer permanent ausgestellt.

Die Ausstellung kann von Montag bis Freitag, 10:00-12:00 bzw. 15:00-17:00 besucht werden. Der Eintritt ist frei, doch muss man sich zuvor unter T +41 79 741 05 70  telefonisch anmelden.

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