Untersee lake - Alteiner Waterfalls - Isel - Untersee lake

7.4 km
2:55 h
321 mhd
320 mhd
Hängebrücke Isel

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The Welschtobelbach stream and the thundering Alteiner waterfalls make this hike through the wild nature of the Arosa mountains a true natural spectacle.
Technique 5/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  1862 m
Lowest Point  1617 m
Best Season
Lake Untersee Arosa
Lake Untersee Arosa
46.778929, 9.683771



From the Arosa sewage treatment plant, the hike leads leisurely along the wild Welschtobel stream through the sparse forest, deeper and deeper into the Welschtobel valley. Soon you reach the small wooden bridge (lefthandside), over which you reach the left side of the valley. Continue until you reach the turn-off for the small Alteiner waterfall. The path leads to the small waterfall on the left on somewhat stony but not very steep terrain. The small waterfall can be admired at close range and the humid mist rises into your face. The same path leads back to the junction, where you continue to the right to the large waterfall. Soon it becomes a little steeper, always continuing towards the rock face, through blueberry bushes and leghorns and a forest. At the Alteiner Wasserfall/Alteinsee junction, a bench awaits you to rest. From this spot you have a beautiful view of the Isla. Shortly afterwards, you stand at a precipice and your gaze wanders deep into the gorge to the roaring stream, further up the water plunges into the depths. Nature shows its strength here in an impressive way. After admiring the spectacle for some time, far away from everyday life, you walk back the same way to the wooden bridge. You don't cross it again, however, but follow the path on this side of the stream through the Islaw forest. Here there are many fireplaces for a cosy picnic. If you are observant, you will discover large bushes of the protected lady's slipper here in early summer. You return to Arosa via the suspension bridge.


Also in Isla is the circular walk "Isel Nature Trail", where you can learn a lot about the unique nature in this area. 


The trail to the small Altein waterfall is easier. To reach the big Altein waterfall surefootedness is required.

Arosa strives to provide hikers with a well-developed and marked network of hiking trails. Please heed the rules and signposting. You will find further helpful tips under the hiking information


Sturdy shoes, clothing suitable for the weather and something to drink are recommended.


Lake Untersee Arosa - ARA Arosa - Welschtobel valley - small wooden bridge - Kleiner (small) Alteiner Wasserfall - back to main route - grosser (big) Alteiner Wasserfall - Islawald - Suspension Bridge - ARA Arosa - Lake Untersee Arosa


Public Transport

The Rhaetian Railway leaves Chur to Arosa and back at hourly intervals. From the train station Arosa, the Untersee lake (starting point of the hike) is accessible by foot or by the free local bus.

Anreise Information

Once you arrive in Chur, follow the sign posts and the winding road to Arosa. At the village entrance, after the petrol station, turn left and follow the street downhill.


There is only a limited amount of parking spots at the Untersee lake. It is recommended to park at the car park Ochsenbühl, it is located a few hundret metres from the train station Arosa. 

Please find more information about the parking options in Arosa here: www.arosa-parking.com

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