Menu for Cyclists.

10 Tours for Gravel Bikers

Haute Route Mundaun (© Andreas Meyer)
By using the best ingredients from Graubünden – gravel roads, mountain trails, panoramic views and fresh mountain air – we have created the «Menu for Cyclists». The menu features 10 tours in Graubünden for gravel bikers – from starters and mains to weekly specials.


Short & Sweet

Runda Sinestra

The background extras in this ride into the wild, legendary Val Sinestra are characteristic lower Engadine village outlines. Gentle climbs alternate with steep slopes. At the furthest point, there is a short, sweet single-trail descent. Going back out of the valley, it is then a little more straightforward, finally leading along the bank of the Inn.

36 km, 1063 hm, 3:15 h

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Canova Cruise

This tour through the Domleschg features old castles, mighty fortresses and wonderful orchards. There are no long climbs awaiting you on this pleasant tour. Fast gravel roads lead into the hilly cultivated landscape and the reedy Canova lake invites you to stop a while.

19 km, 253 hm, 1:20 h

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Main Course.

Rich & Hearty

Runda Lai da Vons

The rhythmic road to the Sufner lake is followed by gravel to probably Switzerland’s most beautiful pass. It gets steep after Splügen, although without any really nasty inclines. You’re rewarded at Lai da Vons with wide views, including to the Rheinwaldhorn. The descent to Andeer? Long, rapid and very bumpy.

39 km, 1436 hm, 4:15 h

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Runda Claustra

Following a Graubünden icon – the Rhaetian Railway – takes you from imposing Benedictine Abbey of Disentis down into the valley; there are a few sharp inclines to master. After the turn, the Rhine side: pure gravel fun in a constant up and down as if on a roller coaster, and finally a short, fun single-trail descent.

51 km, 1585 hm, 5:00 h

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Haute Route Mundaun

Strenuous ride around one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in Switzerland with a best view guarantee. The air starts to get thin by the peak of the Alp Nova with its weather-beaten huts at 2000 m. The single-trail descent from the Obersaxen high plateau: top drawer.

67 km, 1950 hm, 6:20 h

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Enjoyable & Relaxing

Muntada S-charl

A gravel bike tour into another world: Steep slopes wind from Scuol up to the old miners’ settlement S-charl. But the climb soon gets gentler on the gravel – and the surroundings are heavenly. Along the rough gravel bed of the meandering Clemgia, the mountain track leads almost to the highest Swiss stone pine forest in Europe, the God da Tamangur.

24 km, 791 hm, 2:30 h

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Runda Curta

This tour gets every gravel-lover’s heart beating faster over the shortest distance. In a constant up and down, lanes and paths follow the upper stretches of the Rhine through a picturesque, cultivated landscape. This is mainly about pleasure and panorama, fitness and riding technique only get a moderate workout.

14 km, 401 hm, 1:20 h

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Brigels Bella Vista

Aromatic flower meadows, lush with panoramas and fun gravel roads: after the gentle start, some fast bends soon follow. You get a little feeling of adventure when you go across the fields on a meadow track from Waltensburg back to the turquoise Lag da Breil.

9 km, 250 hm, 0:50 h

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Weekly Special.

Multi-Day Tour

Gravel Bike Route Vorderrhein

The gravel bike tour through the Surselva to Disentis-Sedrun and the Maighelshütte promises not only an exciting journey of discovery, but also a journey through the largest Romansh-speaking area of Graubünden to the source of the Rhine.

6 stages, 282 km, 7856 hm

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Gravel Bike Route Hinterrhein

Deep ravines, impressive panoramic views and witnesses to the history of Graubünden’s transport routes await discovery at the Posterior Rhine.

6 stages, 203 km, 5327 hm

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