On Wild Waters.


Kanufahrer in der Rheinschlucht (Foto: © Surselva Tourismus AG, nordlichtphoto.com)
Mountain lakes, gorges and white waters in Grisons are perfect for kayaking and canoeing tours. In particular, on the Anterior Rhine, on Inn or on the Upper Engadine Lake, beginners and pros can discover, through paddling, the magnificent beauty of the Alpine world.

In the Canoe through the Alps

The ladder leads participants to a boat, a paddle and the most important thing: a life jacket to put on. First, however, on the green meadow, everyone must achieve a place. When it comes to canoeing, nothing goes without theory.

Eventually, the expectant canoeists can carry their boats to the water. They will also learn how to climb in. Those who are sitting happily in their boats, can now try to go against the current. 

There are already signs of the first «Eskimo rolls», even if only half. After a lot of practice and paddling, great improvement can be seen in all canoeists.

The guides offer kayaking stages, from beautiful to extreme. From example, on the Anterior Rhine through the Ruinaulta Canyon.


Tip: Funyak

With the inflatable (Fun-)kayak, you can beat small water rapids, even on your first day. You just sit on the top. There is no danger, of getting caught in the boat or tipping.

The ideal alternative to river rafting and a genuine challenge for all who want to discover the power of the water in a playful manner.