The Magic of Silent Steps.

Snow-Shoeing and Winter Hiking

Quiet, healthy alpine air and the impressive backdrop of the Alps accompany winter guests in Graubünden. Graubünden invites you to discover it on snowshoes or on one of the countless signposted winter hiking trails.
Muottas Muragl (Foto: © Engadin St. Moritz Mountains)
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Winter, Hiking, Panoramic Views.

10 Winter Hikes with Amazing View

Whether it's a long-distance hike in the Lower Engadine, a culinary tour in Obersaxen or a ridge walk in Flims Laax Falera: we show you ten impressive panoramic tours with the best view.

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Schneeschuhläufer auf der Via Silenzi (Foto: © Thalia Wünsche, Graubünden Ferien)

Snowshoe Tour. Crossing Mountain Passes in Deep Snow

Although making progress in snowshoes takes a bit more effort than in summer, the impressive snowy landscapes more than make up for it.

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Important Notes

Hikers use the routes on at their own risk. No liability is accepted for accidents or damage of any kind. Inform yourself well.