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River Rafting

River rafting, this actually means raft driving. However, the spectacular journey on the white water, nowadays, is not completed on tree trunks, but rather with stable multi-chamber inflatable boats.

For example, on the Anterior Rhine, where the «Swiss Grand Canyon» can be crossed, under the expert supervision of our raft guide. The Inn also has unparalleled gorges, cutting into the mountain, so that a tour through the Engadine High Valley remains unforgettable.

River rafting on the Rhine (Surselva Region)

Those who have travelled once, with the Rhaetian Railway, from Ilanz to Reichenau, will hardly forget the canyon-like Rhine gorge, called by the locals Ruinaulta, with the bizarre rockslide landscape. 

The approximately 20 km long route, between Ilanz and Reichenau, can also be experienced, from May to October, with the help of an inflatable boat. The river rafting on the Anterior Rhine is one of the most terrific experiences in the offer of Grisons adventure organizations.

In Ilanz or Versam, all participants are introduced to the white water, with comprehensive safety instructions and information regarding raft technology.

After the even flow at the entry to Ruinaulta, the river gradually increases its level of difficulty, until the «Black Hole», the famous key section, announces itself through dramatic roars. After a few wonderfully refreshing hours, the participants reach the landing site in Reichenau.

Providers on Rhine 

River Rafting on the Inn (Engadine Region)

The Inn – in Rhaeto-Romanic «En» – springs up at the Piz Lunghin, north of the Maloja Pass, at 2.484 meters above sea level and initially flows through the Upper Engadine Lake, until it reaches the Lower Engadine, through steep descents. 

The unparalleled gorges, the typical Engadine houses and the extraordinary mountain world in the national park region promise eventful rafting tours. Experienced and competent raft guides from Engadine offer half and full-day tours.

Provider on Inn

Good to know

Up to eight participants per boat can enjoy the wet and wonderful adventures on the wild rivers. The pros of the Grisons Rafting Provider organize everything, from the food to the equipment, so that the river pirates do not have anything to bring. Except for swimming abilities, bathing things and desire for an amazing water experience.

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