Il Pizzo Galleggione

6.8 km
3:45 h
1865 mhd
1962 mhd
Pizzo Galleggione & Pizzo dello Scudo
Pizzo Galleggione

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An elegant peak from its side facing Lake Acquafraggia, however, the Pizzo Galleggione (3107 m) presents a sloping slope towards the settlements of Villa di Chiavenna and Castasegna.

Technique 5/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  3107 m
Lowest Point  1097 m
Best Season
46.342168, 9.538161



Our route is the easiest and most direct way to the top of the mountain; you climb up the steep meadows of the short Luver Valley, with an amazing panoramic view of the northern slope of the Bergell, especially the mountains of Val Bondasca. The route follows a steep but well-marked path to the Prasignola Pass. The last route, on the other hand, runs over a wide, stony ridge. From Maiensäss Leira it is possible to connect with the Passo del Turbine and the valley of Lake Acquafraggia. This variant is listed at the end of the route description.


From the village of Soglio you follow a short distance of the road that rises behind the village and reach the beginning of the footpath, at a stream and a fountain. The first part goes along a flat path, then begins a slope that describes a long sloping one in the direction of Val Luver, where the torrent in the valley bottom denotes the border line between Switzerland and Italy. You cross an elevator length of the EWZ (electricity company of the city of Zurich), where a path turns up from Castasegna; Afterwards you reach the beautiful meadows of the Heuberg Deir. From this point, the route can be clearly seen, which climbs in a straight line up the valley to a gorge that leads to the Prasignola Pass (2724 m). At the pass crossing, the route turns decidedly to the left (west) and leads over the mountain bends near the ridge. A first victory leads to the highest point of a protrusion, where the summit of Pizzo Galleggione appears. You continue and reach the top of the mountain on a viewing path between cairns and rock pavements without any special difficulties. Back you go down the semle route.

Variant via the Passo del Turbine:

Behind the huts of the Maiensässes Leira (1892 m) you have to leave the main path that leads to the Prasignola Pass and follow the one who turns left (to the west); little marking available. Near the stream that denotes the boundary line, the marking begins again, on a path across the mountain meadow. It first leads to a grass promontory, then it describes a diagonal over the steep grassy slopes on the Südf anke of the Pizzo Galleggione. In this way you get to the gentle saddle of the Passo del Turbine (2420 m, about 1.30 hours from Leira) and come across the path that comes up from Villa di Chiavenna.

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