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The enchanting village of Soglio is one of the most typical places of the Bregaglia valley. It is not surprising that Soglio, together with the other villages of the municipality of "Bregaglia", received the 2015 Wakker Prize of the Swiss Heritage Society.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  1097 m
Lowest Point  686 m
Best Season
46.342933, 9.589792



Often you can reach Soglio by car; once you have parked your car, a walk through the narrow streets of the village will be enough to savor its atmosphere and enjoy the enchanting view of the famous mountains of Val Bondasca, located right in front of you. The village of Soglio is also connected by many hiking trails - the panoramic trail that starts from Casaccia or Savogno, the Ganda trail that climbs from Promontogno and the Bregaglia trail that connects Soglio with Stampa and Castasegna.The route Stampa - Soglio - Castasegna is ideal for an easy and scenic day walk.


Follow the Chestnut Trail in Brentan instead of going straight down to the village




From Stampa, the square in front of the "Ciäsa Granda", cross the arched bridge over the river Maira. On the other side, follow the road on the left through the hamlet of Coltura. At the last houses you come to Palazzo Castelmur. The road goes beyond the village; a little later a path branches off to the isolated church of San Pietro, situated on a hill. Inside, you can admire its sober yet elegant features and a fresco by the painter Augusto Giacometti, relative of the more famous Alberto. Back on the road, we soon come to a fork in the road: on the right we continue to the hamlet of Montaccio. Our route, on the other hand, descends to the houses of Caccior (993 m), where we leave the road. Instead, follow the footpath that leads to a hut and then into the woods. At the end of a flat stretch that cuts through the steep slope, you come to a series of steps. The wide mule track crosses several hairpin bends and rises above the granite quarry, known by the name of "La Porta". This natural bottleneck, where a fortified wall is found, marked from the 11th century the dividing line between the jurisdictions above (Sopra) and below (Sotto) the Porta, which were united only around 1850. At the end of the climb, you reach Soglio on a flat panoramic path across green meadows. The road leads to the beautiful village square (1097 m), where Palazzo Salis is situated, nowadays run as a hotel. The continuation to Castasegna follows the asphalt road that leads up to the village. Further down, at a small building, you can leave it and follow the old path that describes a direct line, crossing the road and coming out among chestnut trees at the stables of Plazza. At this point you turn into a natural road that branches off to the right (indication Castasegna). After a short distance you can see a nice example of alpine road tunnel, which passes behind a powerful waterfall, the road overcomes the torrent. The last stretch runs through the vast chestnut groves of Brentan to the houses of Castasegna. Exactly at the stop of the post bus - with which you can return to Stampa.


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