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Our recipes may be entertaining, but the internet does not allow you to smell or taste dishes. This is why we recommend you continue the culinary discovery tour on site. Then you realize that truly delicious food can be found far off the beaten track. The traditional Grison cuisine is a simple and natural diet. However, careful preparation and the choicest ingredients give the dishes a very distinct quality.

Enjoyable: recipes from Graubünden

  • Graubünden barley soup

    The most famous soup from Graubünden is undoubtedly Graubünden barley soup, which is famous far and wide outside our borders. There are dozens of variants of this soup.

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  • Capuns

    Capuns is the synonym for Graubünden cuisine, for its spirit of bold joyful experimentation and imagination – there is not just one recipe for Capuns but countless different ones.

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  • Pizzoccheri

    Pizzoccheri: this delicacy is de rigueur in Valposchiavo. Buckwheat noodles are prepared by hand, cooked with potatoes and vegetables, and served with cheese, garlic, a little butter and sage.

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  • Maluns

    The dish called Maluns first came to Marschlins Castle in 1758. It’s a typical Graubünden dish made with potatoes and flour, which in earlier times was an indispensable feature of every peasant wedding.

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  • Bündnerfleisch («Graubünden dried meat»)

    Every piece of Bündnerfleisch carries a piece of ancient tradition and heritage knowledge in it. It’s easy to understand why this natural product has become an unmistakable part of the canton.

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  • Graubünden nut tart

    Local confectioners brought it back from the south, where the walnut is at home, to Graubünden. Today it is a common «small gift» from Graubünden.

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