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In Graubünden, there are many paths that lead to holiday happiness: that’s true for individuals with high ambitions to reach the summit, as well as for families looking for exciting hiking trails or crystal clear lakes. Hiking is the best way to experience nature close up. From recharging your batteries to seeking adventure: here in Graubünden, everyone will find the right route. With its stunning scenery, the cultural diversity of the Alps and its wonderful views, Graubünden invites you to discover it step by step. So lace up your hiking boots and enjoy the feeling of alpine life.

Hiking in Disentis Sedrun
The 10 most beautiful hikes in Graubünden
We are helping you decide on a hiking trail by presenting the ten most beautiful hikes of the region – chosen by Graubünden hiking fans.
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4 reasons to take your hiking holidays in Graubünden

  • 11,000 km of hiking trails

    From culinary trails to themed excursions to extended high-altitude tours: find your favourite hike from among more than 11,000 kilometres of signposted paths. And all this without a map or GPS device.

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  • Cablecars/ski-lifts included

    Lifts are included for free when booking at least one night's stay. This fantastic deal applies to 5 destinations, including Davos Klosters and Disentis Sedrun.

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    Brambrüesch, Chur
  • Mountain restaurants

    Our mountain restaurants with their spectacular views invite you to enjoy an array of culinary delights after an adventurous hike.

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  • National Park and other parks

    Graubünden’s' parks, in particular the Swiss National Park, offer the ideal territory for a huge variety of hikes.

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Our top hiking regions

  • Disentis Sedrun

    «He who wants to get to the source must swim against the current». In Disentis Sedrun you may prefer to walk up to Lake Toma, the source of the river Rhine.

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  • Surselva

    Holiday program in Surselva: a leisurely walk through the Rhine Gorge, a hike over the Greina plain and a culinary tour through Val Lumnezia.

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  • Viamala

    The impressive Viamala Gorge and Europe’s richest castle countryside are just two of the many highlights in the Viamala hiking region.

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Family on the Railway Adventure Trail Albula
Hiking for railway fans
The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) transports hiking enthusiasts not only to the starting points of many treks, but is in itself a reason to go hiking in Graubünden.
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Walking tours in Graubünden

  • Long-distance trails

    Long-distance hiking is one of the best ways to experience the largest holiday region in Switzerland. In a single trek you can experience the varied Swiss culture and uncover Graubünden's hidden gems.

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  • Theme trails

    Learn while you hike. Such as, on the Rail Experience Trail from Filisur to Preda, or on the Flims waterway "Trutg dil Flem", it's guaranteed you'll come away with an interesting array of local knowledge.

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  • See all the trails in our Overview

    Still not really sure whether to go on a long-distance trek, a themed hike or something completely different? Get a complete overview of all our hikes.

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A life above the world of traffic jams

Renata and Guido Knecht from Thusis have already experienced many summers as the hut warden couple on the Cufercal Hut of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) Rätia located above Sufers. During a visit it becomes clear why they and the many returning guests like it so much up here at 2,385 meters above sea level.

Discover the Cufercal Hut SAC
Cufercal Hut SAC, Viamala

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The mountain huts with the best views

Enjoy the mountain panorama from the Graubünden mountain huts with the best looking down into the valley. By the way: the view tastes even better with a fine Graubünden specialty.

Discover the mountain huts with the best views
Chamonna Tuoi CAS
Prättigau panorama trail
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Spectacular views in Graubünden

There’s many an impressive view in Graubünden! To help you choose, we have put together a selection of 10 spectacular views for you, enjoy!

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